Slightly OT: CA gas prices

Paid $4.99/gal to fill up today (10/28/22)
That’s the first time I’ve paid under $5/gal in CA since … it has been quite some time. Right now, I’m thinking Mar-Apr 2022. But, it might have been earlier.


As of a few days ago, regular gas was $3.99 in Ehrenberg AZ and $5.49 in Blythe CA. The closest gas stations exhibiting the above prices are 3.7 miles apart.

When gas is $3.99, diesel - to maintain the same price per pound and thus approximately the same price per unit chemical energy - should be $4.66. But it’s over $5 in Ehrenberg (and over $6 in Blythe).

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Probably about 15 - 20 years ago, I was in the vicinity of the CA-AZ border, and I was running low on fuel. It might have been Blythe, but I recall stopping at a CA located gas station and ended up paying a considerably higher gas price. At the time, I didn’t realize that if I drove 4 - 5 miles, I could have saved myself a decent amount on gas. With phone apps today, it is probably easier to know this additional data and plan better.