More info and it looks good but then, this Quon fellow must be on the payroll.…


I hope you SYZM owners read all the comments on those SA articles. They are as informative as the article.

Mykie, You are right. The comments were very interesting! I didn’t really learn much more than the original article though, just saw the short arguments demolished.


Hi Saul,

Today, there were new comments on the opening of MOEMA, which has all investors holding their breaths.

Based upon prior action, most now think it is probably already open and only waiting for the first delivery.

That being said, there is also a conference call scheduled for May 5th which some thought was a bit early so we’re all hoping it will announce some more good news.

I’m betting on an increased price by May 9th when I get back from NYC and where I will be on the golf course during the May 5th conference call. I hope someone will be able to listen in and then I can get the good news here upon my return. I don’t have a full position in this stock but it is one of my higher conviction speculative positions. The short position (46% of the outstanding stock, the last time I looked) is starting to look like it will help jet propel the stock price should that May 5th announcement be a good one. Here’s hoping.

Thanks for turning me on to this one Saul. It is looking better and better by the day.

Mykie -

Where are you getting your short position percentage? I’m finding 25% ( Excluding the insider owned shares the short interest accounts for 62% of the non-insider shares outstanding.

Regarding the 5/5 it looks like loses are anticipated to be 0.4-0.5 per share. Loses will widen for the rest of the year to ~1.80/share and then decrease substantially in 2015 to ~0.8.