Here’s Quon’s latest on this stock.

Mkyie that link only opens my gmail. Is there perhaps a different one? Thanks.

Quon sounded as if he was trying to put the best face on it, but he sounded pretty discouraged about SZYM as well. I’m happy about having exited.


Hi Utahchris

Here’s the Quon article:…

I’ve decided to hold and probably will buy some calls manana since the risk reward on them should be exciting and worth the gamble.

After much thinking and reading, I’m laying the problems of Moema at the feet of Bunge, and Lord Chaos for bringing the drought.

At the feet of SZYM, I lay eyes bigger than their stomachs but, they have now ordered a smaller meal which is within their budget. So back on track?

Let’s see how it turns out but with call options, the price will just have to get back to $7 for me to quadruple my money and that potential gain is offset by the $3 going to ???. If it looks like blood is running in the streets for SZYM, well, that’s when we are supposed to get excited, si?

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Hi Mykie,

What calls are you buying?

I have some $9 puts that I need to deal with. I’m not sure if I will take assignment, roll them far out…or maybe buy them back and buy some long calls…