Sold, Added & Nibbled: $VERU, $STGW, $BTU


Sold $VERU for a good 3% gain. Strictly a swing trade off my daily chart’s Stochastic. Didn’t want to hold as earnings are early next week, and it’s a biotech I know little about.

Added more $STGW which just reported earnings and which I cannot recall if I wrote up this week. I know I alerted to it on one of our Upgrade/Downgrade lists. I had never heard of this company until I noticed it on that Initiation list. This is a decent sized media company from NYC (13,000 employees worldwide) which is doing very well in providing vertical builds of websites and their advertising. Think MadMen for the 21st Century. These guys have only been around since 2015.

Their growth is something which made my eyes pop from yesterday’s Earnings report: Earnings Growth: +300% and Revenue Growth: +94.70%.

If you punch in that symbol on finviz, you’ll see no analyst coverage. And yet, this is the second quarter in a row this company recorded +.08 CENTS profit per share. It’s a small cap at $880 Million market cap.

I don’t understand their revenue breakdowns as of yet, but I aim to do that this weekend. I nibbled before earnings, and then added today because the chart spoke to me from our list of Upgrades/Downgrades this past week. Benchmark initiated them with a BUY and price target of $15.00 on 2 Aug 22. That initiation isn’t even on the finviz site yet.


And just nibbled on $BTU as a swing trade off my daily chart’s Stochastic setup firing a BUY signal a few moments ago. Will look to add more if this develops like I hope it will. Last earnings on 28 JUL 22. Missed earnings expectations, but, they still notched $2.68 per share profit. What caught my eye was the Revenue Growth yoy was +82.70%. Will look into the F/A more this weekend.

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p.s. Added more $CWH too. That one I wrote up this past week. Marcus Lemonis is outperforming everyone in the RV sector now.

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