Sold BILL TB - 2/2

BILL TB Sold Today:

Purchased on 1/30 at 113.13 and sold today at 131.09 for a short term gain of +15.87%.

Really thought about keeping it because BILL reports this evening and any nice pop would have pushed the short term gain towards 20%. But - decided that just like speed - greed kills (Or something very similar to that) so took my 15+% 3 day gain and will let my core BILL do the heavy lifting this evening - or, not as the case might be.

All the Best,


You did right thing. Wish had followed you but hoping for better things in longer term.

Hi Mask:

Looking at the massive slow down in growth as reported this evening - trying to decide whether to push BILL down to the Bench. Still a really great company but not sure it deserves STARTER minutes (allocation) for now. Will wait to finish the conf call and then see how I feel.

All the Best,