Today: Sold Trading Blocks

  1. Sold DDOG TB initiated on 4/22 for a short term gain of +9.2%

  2. Sold SNOW TB initiated on 4/22 for a short term gain of +6.65%

  3. Sold MNDT TB initiated on 4/21 for a short term gain of +7.45%

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It is there for the taking. Just have to have the kahunas to pull the trigger on these TBs.

Nasdaq goes down 4% one day, past months say it’s gonna go right back up soon. Up 3% today.

Buy when hyper-growth xxx down large % & then sell the next time it pops. If it doesn’t pop & keeps a drop then it’s a hold & add to the core positions.

Seems like experience is what will give me the kahunas. Only been at it a year or so. I clearly see it day in & day out. When it drops big, add TB’s (got enough cash on sidelines to do so). Then instead of holding, use that inevitable rise to add a little % gain at a time.

I just keep holding my buys on the dip knowing it is going to rise & then drop again. This market is telling you that each week.

Thanks for your thoughts Champ. Appreciate it!

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Hi Rich:

The way I see it, is that when I add a 10-15% TB to a high confidence STARTER the worst that can happen is that I just have to hang on to the extra 15% until things turn around. So far those turn arounds have come almost daily and no longer than weekly. Of course - taken to the extreme, the absolute worst would be if a DDOD or BILL or ZS type stock plummeted out of existence - in that case I lose an additional 1-15% beyond my comfortable allocation level.

Today was the fifth time this month I have sold a group of Trading Blocks and am batting almost 100% for the month. I do have three that I am sitting on: one with a small less-than-2%-loss and two others that are up slightly but not enough to harvest just yet.

Just wait for a good pitch, swing away, and be prepared to wait for however long it takes for the stock to push back higher. Start out slow - maybe your highest confidence company, and take a tiny bite. See if it works for you. The worst part of it for me is not pulling the trigger - or even the selling, its getting extended ACB with no cash on hand. For whatever reason that bothers me the most but you can’t argue with success.

All the Best,

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