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What could cause a sudden huge spike in spam emails? Up until about a week or two ago, I had hardly any enter my in box. Now it is several a day! All from different places, so it’s curious how it all is happening so suddenly.

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A few of the spammers will pile on once they reslize yours is an sctive emsil address.

Taking a few minutes to unsubscribe or block the worst can make a difference. But of course spam nevrr goes away. Keeping it at bsy helps.

I click “report spam” and unsubscribe every time. Hopefully it’ll slow down soon. I wonder why Gmail catches most but not these!

I use Report SPAM a lot and block SPAM phone calls, also.
Are there more places to block?
TIA, Jim D.

I usually only report the message as Spam. I used to go to their site to unsubscribe, but recently I stopped. Most of the time when you click to unsubscribe, there is a GUID that tracks the email address they sent it to. I was only telling them that my email is active. They can then sell that information to other shady companies. Rather than click anything at all in their email, just report to Gmail (or whoever hosts your email) that it’s spam and delete it.

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I wonder why Gmail catches most but not these!

You might suspect this is part of an endless battle ground. Spammers may very well constantly change details to get around spam filters. No doubt some are more successful at it than others.

Someone you know might have had their account hacked and your contact info was harvested. So now they are spamming everyone on that email accounts contact list.