Waz Up???

What am I reading on this board??? I do not see that TMF has closed it down.

If this board is closing, I wish you all well, although at the moment all a little less rich with the market tanking. If the board is not closing, happy days!


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“??? I do not see that TMF has closed it down.”

Not a “social” discussion board - but an “Investment analysis clubs” board.
Therefore, even if only one out of a hundred posts is actual investment related, TMF
can see in their pocketbooks to allow posters to post their thoughts.

Course, there are fewer folks posting - and posters spend less time on this site - and
people learn other habits rather than TMF boards.

Rich is a matter of perspective. What one person considers poor another may consider rolling
in loot. Cash flow issues right now seem to be mainly the goosing of inflation.

But if we talk about inflation, TMF might think the board is political and close her down
tighter than wheel lug put on by an air wrench.

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The people on this board are probably have higher income or net worth, which is pretty much Fool’s target audience. And we often discuss money.


Hey, a survivor!

Yes, our range of interests, has been greatly diminished, they even took away our Apple User board, while leaving the HWTSC board up, as though us Apple investors, users, don’t count, so we’ll need to slide in with the Investor Apple board to see if the folks are still around to occasionally give us a hand with our various Apple product investments…

Investing in AAPL has been quite a ride for me since '93-'95 to today’s levels… The last few days are reminders of where I started, I had about $8K burning a hole in my pocket, a meager leftover of my parent’s estate after dividing it up amongst the 3 other siblings… A local User Gour Apple guru and I were talking in the hall at one of our MUG meetings, and he rightfully suggested I climb aboard. the rest is history, my newfound broker at EJ tried to have me sell off in '02 when i finally retired, had time to sort out all the Bell System bits and pieces and their splits and merges, ESOPs, etc… Not, not selling… And finally the rise to AAPL’s 3T valuation, dividends, all making a very nice cushion, letting up use other resources, and likely still leave more behind than nearly any other family member…

What a ride… Still using my 2012 Mac Pro… Hangin’ ut…



Still using my 2012 Mac Pro

Come on man, you’re a millionaire. Upgrade to something from this decade, at least!

Goofy (still using my iMac from 2009. But at least my iPad is only a few years old.)


What a ride… Still using my 2012 Mac Pro…

Timely to read this. It makes me smile. Today I dropped three wintel computers from our home off at the local used-computer store for recycling. To me it wasn’t as much about Apple vs. Windows, it was about how each was treated by the people who used them at various times. All 3 had hardware problems that I’d happily go into if I was writing the most boring post ever.

This points back to a car observation, though. I live in a city with 50-60k residents, and there aren’t really “parts of town”. The trailer home communities sort of blend in with shopping plazas and older single-family home areas. While some appear to be more “trailer park” than “community”, a running theme is that there are a LOT of newer/nicer cars parked outside those homes. And this is a bit of confirmation bias showing, but there are also a lot of older vehicles parked outside nicer homes (example: as I’ve mentioned, our current cars are '03, '05, and '06, none bought new), and these are homes that I know would sell for over $1M. I know everyone’s situation is a little bit different, but it’s hard not to tell my kids (same ones that wrecked those computers downloading every weird program and banging on keyboards when they died in Minecraft) that Millionaire Next Door is kind of a real thing. Maybe some of those folks in the less-expensive homes could upgrade if they didn’t need that $65k pickup truck so much. It’s not a character flaw, it’s their choice and cool if they’re happy with it, but I see it as an opportunity to teach my fam (a) not to finance a depreciating asset and (b) not to seek the latest and greatest shiny thing coughiPhonecough when the old one is still working fine. 10-year-old computer is a hard win.

So, I guess this is about how being sound choices on big purchases sort of IS investing, in the sense that we give up the short-term thrill of the shiny product for long-term gain.
I’m glad this board survived.



Well, actually, I like this old beast, I had an earlier one, but didn’t want the closed up iMacs, DW has a 27" one, but while I like that display, it had problems, graphic card failed, so went for a new one, it’s HD locked up, but Apple relied it, and it’s been fine since… But I like to tinker, so OWC had this 2012 wit 32Gb Ram, I added a metal capable graphics card so I could go to Mojave, and have a 2 TB SSD and 3 2 Tb spinners, but I’m now dead ended there. If I go any further via patches, I lose my 32 bit apps, Photoshop, and it’s fine like it is for my needs at CS6… Office also is hung at this OS level, but it’s OK…

If it actually breaks somehow, I’ll take another look at the Studio unit, my monitor is a 32" Dell, so the overgrown mini could still use this monitor…

I like the latest M1, M2 chips, just find it hard to justify moving off a working system…

Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!


Well, our beginnings were from zero, so we never got into the new car every year, or moving to bigger homes, settled into this ~1450 sf home in '74 after escaping an earlier 1000 sf first home… Scary, never know what was coming along…

Yes, indeed, a million just isn’t what it was when we were kids, or even 60 years ago when we married… Thought at the time that $500 a month was decent money…

AAPL saved my bacon, I’d pumped a lot into Lucent, seeing how we were booming, only to crash n burn, but a decent, interesting job for nearly 40 years, WeCo Installation onward…

My critical, somewhat cynical attitude seems to have worked out… Doesn’t hurt yo like technical stuff, tools, etc… But today, new software tools are needed… That old Monarch metal lathe in the shop isn’t up to it… :slight_smile: