Stocks on sale! What will you buy?

Now that our stocks are on sale, what is everyone thinking of buying (and what will you sell if you need to sell something to get the money to buy something else)?

I am adding to my TTD - it is down a lot from the high despite its movement after earnings, and I really see this as a long term winner - this was a great quarter.

I am going to start a position in ROKU, as it seems to be running on all cylinders and is down nicely from highs - I think it benefits from all of the moves to streaming.

I’m adding to MDB - nibbling as it comes down - it was just making a move up this year after a quiet 9 months - most people know this is my top conviction stock.

I’m also adding to CRWD which has held up very well in this mess, as I become increasingly comfortable with this company - as an IT security firm, I’ve already written that I’ll be ready to pull the trigger on this one at any time, but right now I think it is still in its rocket up phase.

I’m looking for an entry point on ENPH - I sold an 8 bagger, which was dumb in retrospect.

Off topic, I’m also using some options to try to benefit from this volatility. I’ve sold my puts on TQQQ (triple Nasdaq) which I had earlier bought to protect my account. Now I’ve bought puts on VXX because I’m sure this volatility won’t last - expiration Apr, and I’ve also bought some calls on AAL expiration 1 yr - I’m sure the airlines won’t be down forever - the coronavirus scare will be over in 6 months at the latest, I’m sure. Not recommending options to anyone, but if you use options, you can pm me with your ideas…



Buying ZM. That is one stock that should do well in this particular round of volatility. My school just shut down all after-school activities and professional development. There is some serious needs right now for video conferencing, and ZM will benefit. There is no talk of shutting the school yet, but they have closed schools for the foreseeable future in both Japan and Italy already.

Avid lurker, but devoted follower.

I’m sitting on a large cash cushion from the sale of some real estate in the Fall, so I am loving this drop and hope for more!

I like adding to companies that have announced strong earnings yet may have been pulled down with the market. Added some AYX ($130), TTD (before earnings @ $250), COUP ($150), ESTC ($70). SQ limit order hasn’t hit yet. Added some V and MA to my non-Saul holdings.

Looking forward to Saul, Bear, etc end of month reports for more ideas and hoping for more blood in the water next week so I can do some more shopping!

As I write, S+P down 3% today…my portfolio up about .7%. Words can not express the gratitude to Saul and everyone here for all you do. Fool on!


I added BILL in the first week of February (and made two long posts about it) am am still up 13% (up 4.31% right now today). It is off 11% from its peak, but I’ve been happy with its resiliency this week.


I sold a TWLO, some ESTC, and some NFLX to raise cash.

I have bought, since 2/20: AYX, OKTA, CRWD, DDOG, and ZM.

I have limit orders open for: more DDOG and more ROKU at a lower prices.

I know Saul often says “just buy it, a few dollars won’t make a difference”. My rationale is that “every dollar counts” because some of the accounts I’m dealing with have very low total values and I want to buy as much as I can with what I’ve got. So far, patience has been extremely rewarding!

Paul - Who feels like he’s shooting fish in a barrel compared to those wringing their hands over their S&P 500 index fund investments…


Buying TLRA and FSLY and adding more to my MELi holdings, I love TTD and SHOP but I’m to heavy in both at this time.

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Capex light, non-manufacturing, software based, non-supply chain dependent, high margin, high growth (with profits or a clear path to get there, even better, mostly US based revenues…all that seems to be paying off in this market panic.

My port was up almost 3.5% today. I’ll take it!

Best, Swift…
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Good timing for me for once as I’ve been sitting on some cash and just maxed out my wife’s and my Roth contributions for the year. Planning on adding more ROKU and debating about adding to ESTC.

This seems to be the first time in the last couple years that my portfolio has actually fared better than the overall market during a sharp decline. I’m down a good chunk over the last week or two but not very bad all things considered. Today my port was up 4.5% thanks partially to TTD.