Stupid COVID question

I was looking to see how COVID deaths in the US fared compared to previous years. While I was able to find plenty of totals over the past three years, I was unable to Google and get a simple answer to that question.


Now that people run their own Covid tests at home, documenting Covid deaths gets much more difficult. Does they dr signing the death certificate know if the deceased tested positive for Covid? When they die in a hospital, probably yes. But at home, its far more difficult.

Its not surprising that the data are more fuzzy now than before when test results when to your health agency.

Can you find cancer numbers for 2022? Can you find heart disease numbers for 2022? I suspect that since 2022 just ended, the numbers haven’t been collected or analyzed yet. Maybe by May or June.

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This chart can be eyeballed.

The dates are more important to google but it is late. There are deaths in 2022 by Delta. That number is the big number.

From about mid April on the trajectory slows.

When the chart shows there were 824,486.22 cumulative deaths by the end of 2021, what does the 0.22 signify?


The software that made the chart creating a smooth continuous line. They probably have weekly data or random interval data (sometimes day to day, sometimes 3 days, etc).