Sunken cities?

This articles looks at “15 US cities that will be underwater by 2050”.…
The article provides “some additional information about the dates when those 15 USA cities are expected to be flooded” although most of the information is a bit hazy.

Miami said to be the first.
“Take advantage of the clubs and restaurants before 2050 (and perhaps even before the mid-2020s) because environmental writer Jeff Goodell predicts that Miami may be underwater sooner than you think.”
2025 or 2050?

New York City makes the list. Here actually numbers are provided; “New predictions suggest that sea levels may rise 4-8 inches over the next decade…”

Going with six inches:
6in x 25.4 = 152mm
So that works out to an average of 15mm per year. There would need to be a 4x increase in the current rate of sea level rise – effective immediately. I would place that in the ‘extremely unlikely’ category of projections.