Ten years ago... AMD ariound $2. Now?!?

Just for perspective: ten years ago AMD was scraping along a little above $2. I think the codename Zen might have been whispered once or twice. Anyone here held since then? I sure didn’t. Foolish boy. Took gains off the table several times, been completely out on occasion, bought high and sold low… If only I’d held a little of that core position. I remember I think owning a few tens of thousans of shares at some point.


I’ve been holding AMD for 20 years plus, but probably never bought any at the rock bottom price of $2.

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I still have a little bit of AMD from back when it was 9-10 range and i have been on this board since the 90’s. The profit on AMD has been huge for me and i will be closing out the last part of my AMD position soon whatever that is because of the changing headwinds that I feel AMD is encountering…doc


Yep, I’ve ever sold a share, but also never had many share to start with

My average purchase price is about $6.
I kicked myself after buying a significant amount at the “peak” of Jan 2006 (at $36) only to have it tank after that.

I REALLY wanted to buy more at the ~$2-4 mark, but it became too hard to get money into my account, after various sequential buyouts of brokerage company, and me moving around ended up with it being very hard.


Had 2000 shares at $4. It dropped to $2. When it got back up to $4, I sold. Ugh!!

I knew better. I knew a lot about the company and should have trusted myself and my research. I did get in again at about $40.