Tesla Car Deliveries Rose 83% in the Latest Quarter

… at the right price, you can sell a lot of cars. I noticed that you can now
buy the base Model 3 for about $31,000 after the $7,500 tax credit. I’m waiting until I can buy one for $25k. {lol}


That may sell me next car I get.

I greatly enjoy my model 3. So far, it the most enjoyable car I’ve ever owned.


I posted something more useful on the Tesla board, not behind a paywall.

In any case, the WSJ headline is misleading (as usual). A year ago deliveries were severely impacted by COVID, so YoY growth isn’t really what you want to look at.


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The object is not to “sell a lot of cars” but to sell all the cars they can produce at the best prices world wide markets will bear.

Tesla’s pricing strategy seems to be working well.

The Captain