Tesla - Finally, a good move by Elon..Twitter gets a new CEO

Was wondering why the sudden spike on TSLA near the end of the day…and then heard the news that Elond found a new CEO for Twitter…Good for him, and more importantly TSLA…Hopefully, he is able to get things back on track now. Of course, he will never admit that it was taking a significant toll on him, and why would he…Yet, this should help him…and although the purists may be quick to point that him becoming free does not equate to share price going up, it is probably likely that it will happen regardless…After all, it is TSLA…One can love or hate him for his personal qualities, but as an investor, there is a lot to cheer for a CEO and inventor who has proven his abilities several times, against all odds…if only he is able to become a bit more politically correct, but then, he would no longer be Elon…

Regardless, I would love to see TSLA do well from here!


The real value is the removal of the idiot who destroyed much of the value of Twitter. With someone who has a clue about how to actually run an online business (Tesla is NOT such a business), that means Twitter can be stabilized, new policies put in place, and then likely become a reasonable base for communications with customers/clients by business, which is the real source of revenue for Twitter.

Be interesting to know how much she is getting paid–and how (salary yes, but how is bonus to be calculated AND paid). Not investable because it is a private company.

Here’s the question: Maybe it is better for TSLA for Elon to be distracted by Twitter.

I seriously don’t have the technical or investing acumen to answer that Syke 6…But as a fascinated spectator, I have noticed this in the media…They hate him…The hedge funds who are shorting TSLA absolutely hate him, and it is amazing that the (paid) media is getting away with whatever they want to say to bring it down!!

TSLA with an Elon not distracted by Twitter related saga (and its attendant financial duress) is a far more potent company than TSLA with an Elon who is distracted by Twitter…

I may be way off…But the amount of personal money that guy has lost because of this twitter saga is certainly far more than the money he paid for buying Twitter…If I remember right, TSLA was among the very few tech stocks that was, actually, holding steady and marching higher last year, till he announced his twitter ambitions…And it was only after he started selling TSLA shares like crazy to fund his twitter purchase did the share price plummet…What all the hedge funds combined were trying to do for a long time, Elon, being Elon, managed to do just like that :grinning:

I still don’t understand why he did not just walk away from the deal and pay the $1 Billion penalty- That would have been the best 1 billion dollars he could have ever lost!!! The amount of money and agony he could have saved himself from, would have been huge…Yet, he didn’t…and I respect him for not giving up and taking the easy path forward…

Now, if one wants to talk about his other actions and the things he says…I am not going there…That is off limits for me :grinning:

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Because it was not about money. It was about an ideal. People do extreme things about ideals.

A forecast, Elon being Elon will make money on Twitter.

BTW, you don’t have to like people to like (some of) what they accomplish. On my list, Steve Jobs, the other Steve (Wozniak), Bill Gates, and Elon Musk. Don’t ask me to elaborate. Put your hate aside and accept that mortals are flawed.

The Captain


You don’t remember correctly. Tesla peaked in October of 2021, Musk didn’t announce his intention to buy Twitter until Spring of 2022. Even then the drama played out for months before he had to start selling stock to fund the purchase, and the stock - though volatile and with a few dramatic upticks, generally marched lower (along with other high-fliers at the time, see: Cathie Wood) throughout the rest of the year. That was more a reaction to the announced Fed policy of interest rate hikes and the end of “free money for capital investors” (my surmise.)

That said, the selling pressure of dumping a large quantity of shares on the market in the middle of the overall rout would certainly have aided in the decline, although to what extent we will never know. Almost everything with ultra-high metrics was cratering at the time, so it will be an enigma forever, I suspect.

He thought about it, I’m sure, but in his messianic zeal assume that he could take over the business and turn it around with a (figurative) snap of the fingers. It wouldn’t be the first time a wildly successful entrepreneur in one field fell on their face in a later enterprise. Steve Jobs had Lisa. Henry Ford had Fordlandia. A certain real estate mogul had steaks, university, air shuttle, vodka, mortgages, casinos, USFL and lots more. (I make a joke.) Sometimes it takes the cold, hard market to overrule that little voice in your head.

Not a chance. In addition to having to make back the diminished value of the purchase price, he has lost additional billions driving down the price of Tesla stock, and considering the time value of money and small profit he does manage to eke out over the next couple years will make the hole so big it is unlikely ever to be escaped.


Musk’s ideal is free speech maximalism. Except when free speech hurts the bottom line, then he folds like wet blanket.

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Musk allowing a narrative to get traction that he damaged Twitter, and his successor cleaned up the mess he made and saved the company? Nope. Not going to happen. Musk will make sure that Twitter will fail “more bigly”, so his performance will look good compared to his successor, keeping his reputation as a genius intact.


Again, I have no investing prowess to speak of…But I believe that the Captain will prove to be right here…

Elon may have bought it for his ideals, and/ or certainly overpaid…But, he has proven himself to be a very successful entrepreneur and investor…(well, it would be nice if he realizes a few things, and decides to be politically correct now and then)

Going back to Twitter…before he bought it, what sort of an investment was Twitter?

Now I am not saying he WILL make this into a success…but the guy has done it multiple times…Is it worth betting against him on this?

My guess - assuming the whole economy doesn’t tumble ( I seriously hope it doesn’t), we might end up seeing Twitter being listed again in a few years…and it will be interesting to see how Twitter part II does as investment


Thank you!

The Captain

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The more important and relevant question is what type of investment is it NOW?

Who better to answer that question than Musk himself?

The billionaire said Twitter is worth just half its purchase price—seemingly confirming a reported internal memo last month valuing the company at about $20 billion.

In related news:

Whether is the loss of all the advertisers:

Or the terrible rollout of Blue:

Musk is displaying the fact that he doesn’t have the midas touch. Perhaps the new CEO will fix things, but perhaps too much damage has been done.