Thanks first, or for the education

As I lurk on this board, learn and decide for myself, I’m a bit overwhelmed with the expertise and sharing. Some seriously smart, successful, well-spoken folks here. I have not much to offer, except my plan in progress to move ‘the mutual fund of Kip’ from ~55 stocks to some smaller number.

I sold four long-term holdings today. All just above or below long-term S&P returns, but no conviction from me to them. That’s how you get ~55 (or now ~51) holdings, following new ideas and holding forever, comparing yourself to the S&P or a ‘North Star.’ The David G approach.

I like to keep ~10% cash for new ideas. That’s all about my ‘hold’ mentality – need cash because I can’t sell. Duh, sell the losers, move on. I’m moving cash to 20% or more in the next month as I seek comfort in my gains and new ideas and strategies for my careful deployment of precious capital. Double dip on… ANET?

This investing style may require more time than I can commit, TBD. Day job, family, yadda yadda, still digesting the Knowlege Base after lurking for six months. Spray and pray, under Foolish guidance, has served me well over the last cycle, with an outcome of too many companies to really know.

As Sarah Connor heard from a small Mexican boy right before closing credits, ‘there’s a storm coming.’

Thank you each for your contribution, for making me a more alert investor. I plan to contribute more to the board, to you, as I get my own house in order.



Welcome Kip,
I’ve been following Saul’s board almost since its inception, but still consider myself a neophyte. There’s folks here with years and years of investment experience not to mention the depth of knowledge and experience in a wide variety of disparate fields. It’s really quite an amazing community.

The only advice I’ve got for you is the longer you wait to get started, the more opportunity you will miss. Waiting for a double dip on ANET? Why? What if it never dips again? How much of an advantage will it be in the long run even if it does? Yeah, when it dropped down to around $250 I bought more on margin (no cash, fully invested). I also bought a small number of 2020 leaps as well. I don’t like to use margin but this was too good to pass up and ANET was already about 15% of my holdings. There’s no way I’d sit on the sidelines waiting for that to happen again if I had a 0% position.

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