I felt like it is time to say thanks to all who contribute to this board for making me a better investor.

Overall, my portfolio is down about 3% YTD.

So I decided to take a look at my purchases this year to see which of those are up and which are down.

In the up category:

In the down category:

I plan on adding to many of the above and in particular SWKS.

Those are only the stocks I’ve purchased this year. The rest is a mixed bag and APPL has been a drag on returns.

But the reason for my thanks is truly this. This board has helped me determine when to buy and sell. Plain and simple. Those decisions still aren’t easy, but now I have a more mechanical approach. That means the world to me.

Thanks to all of you and especially Saul for starting this thing.



Presuming you mean AAPL, it’s up 3.9% YTD; 5.3% if you include dividends (as you should). So if you’re down 3% YTD, how can AAPL be a drag on returns?


It is easy to understand if we don’t assume Phoolio18 owned the stock from the 1st day of the year. AMBA has been a drag on my portfolio, down 30 percent from my purchase, and for some investors down over 50 percent if they bought at the high, yet it is up a tad for the year. In like manner INFN is up about 40 percent YTD. I have owned it for years, so good deal for me, but if an investor purchased it above 22 then they are down 10 percent or so. I can’t say my timing on AMBA “could not have been worse” as surely it could have been, but it was still pretty bad, and has made a pretty good year, (so far) a little less so. My position in AMBA was not that large but it drug me down just the same.