Tucker Carlsen given offer by Russian State TV

I just have to wonder why Tucker would be given an offer by RTM? :thinking: Does anyone following him think this is a great idea?



I wonder if canned CNN personality Don Lemon will get a similar offer?


I don’t really follow him much, but I have seen any number of videos of him over the years touting Russia and Putin, disparaging the US military, the FBI, etc. so it does make sense. Also, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov just yesterday criticized his removal:

Lavrov knows things a lot of the faux world doesn’t (or doesn’t want to admit). I think by now most of us know which government Tucker prefers. Why shouldn’t he get a job at RT?



This is it. He’s in favor of “strongman” dictators. What’s not to like?
Back in the 60’s and 70’s during our previous round of internal social/political strife the Rooski’s saw it as undermining “the established order” and rooting for us to fall from our own internal problems. This is their way of helping out even if it’s just a bit of PR gaming.


I’m shocked, shocked, to find that gambling is going on in here."

Honestly, I thought he was already on their payroll.


Do you think that Tucker is a Fascist Pete?


Maybe :wink:

Maybe just a little bit (like someone can be a little bit pregnant).



I’m not Pete, but I’ve decided to impersonate him.

When I observe Tucker, I think I see Sociopath and Malignant Narcissist.
Ie, Malignant manipulation of others.

As a way of getting the validation/supply he needs, Tucker promotes anti-US propaganda, amplifying cyber-mis/disinformation, from

  • Russian,
  • Iranian,
  • PRNK,
  • Chinese,
  • Hungarian,
  • Bulgarian,
  • other state actors (Saudi, Israeli,?),
  • maybe be some criminal organizations such as Drug cartels, mafia, etc
  • and, of course, our very own domestic anti-US groups.

Ala Tokyo Rose, Hanoi Jane, etc.



From maternity flight suits to diversity policies to Ukraine aid, the military was a favorite punching bag for Tucker Carlson. Now that he’s off the air, some Pentagon officials are quietly cheering his departure.

“What we absolutely won’t do is take personnel advice from a talk show host or the Chinese military,” Kirby said during a briefing with reporters, adding that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin “shares the revulsion” of others who criticized Carlson’s remarks.

Carlson “made a mockery” of the free press and “repeatedly cherry-picked department policies and used them to destroy DoD as an institution,” said the first senior DoD official.

“Destroy DOD as an institution.” LOL. If a few nasty comments could destroy the DOD; it isn’t worth saving.

Awful thin-skinned in the DOD. They should have concentrated in getting sweet defense jobs upon retirement and buying boondoggle defense weapon platforms.

I really beginning to wonder about the intelligence of those in the US government. By responding to Carlson they raised his name recognition and ended up wrestling in the mud. No one wins or looks good when that occurs.



Perhaps simply human. These are career military professionals that have sacrificed all in the service of their country, and to have someone on TV constantly demean and impugn their service is probably more than any of us would tolerate without feeling like the intent was to destroy.

I can’t think of a talking head on TV that has been more anti-military in recent years.


Do you really think that is true. I mean if Trump was using Carlson for advice and everyone knew that how much higher could the DOD raise his name recognition? I would think a President would be higher than the DOD. Also with all the people watching his show and believing what he said (which has now been shown as a pack of lies) how much more can these people be brain washed. Did you watch him tjscotto?

** Carlson, who is one of Fox News’ most-watched hosts, has been a regular adviser to Trump. The Daily Beast reported that in private conversations, Carlson “advised Trump against taking military action against Iran” and “bashed the more ‘hawkish members’ of his administration.**



Nope. I don’t watch Fox or MSNBC or Main Stream Media tv news.
I do the internet for news & avoid Fox & MSNBC news media.


The Shiny faction has been doing the same thing to teachers, for decades.



Yes and they do not like it when you turn the tables on them and impugn their career. I was at a party and one of the local fire fighters was going on and on about how bad teachers and education were. I became annoyed and a little tired of his tirade so I told him that the fire department was nothing but a bunch of foundation savers. He came back at me and said " But Andy we saved your brother in laws town house" and I replied “and he wants to thank you for his blackened foundation”. He didn’t talk to me after that but at least I didn’t have to listen to him denigrate teachers.



The Reagan era report on education should have been titled ‘Putting A Nation At Risk.’ The actions being taken now in state legislatures should be titled ‘The USA: Putin’s Nation at Risk.’


I would vote for Tucker for President but I cant vote in Russia.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


But you can get healthcare in Russia. It is in their Constitution.

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Y’all are overthinking it. He makes big money advocating that white men are victims of any and all taxes, quality public education and/or quality healthcare available to all, or anything else that can be construed as helping women, immigrants, or anybody else. All liberal policies will destroy the fabric of society properly managed by white men.


I am reading ‘Fever in the Heartland.’ I wonder if Tuckums’ goal isn’t the same as D.C. Stephenson’s - the Presidency. I could see him giving Trump a serious challenge.

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ah both are seriously challenged alright.