The end for the Ukrainian Russia War is in sight

A Russian government default on its debt will end this war. In effect it is the end of the Russian economy. Other than bartering sheep.

Kick a$$ Ukraine you will win flat out. It may take some months but Russia is going to completely fail here.

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I hope you are right and Ukraine can hold out.

Mr. Putin, tear down your country.

If Putinismn collapses – a necessary, sufficient and main direct effect of a not totally evil end of the Ukraine war – then Russia will need “reconstruction” as well as Ukraine. We will need a second Marshall Plan (new and improved!), financed a little by Russian Oil and Gas, but mostly by credit and other forms of support from the West.

Painful politics and macroeconomics ahead, or the end of the world…

david fb

david fb,

There will be demands from the west on Russian troop placements and a couple of countries joining NATO.

I hear you but have serious reservation on Russian politics ever changing. That though has warning bells going off in my head. Because unless we have a Marshall Plan for Russia this will be rinse and repeat.

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