The importance of doing hated exercises & how to make them less hateful

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I just avoid them and go for a walk instead. So far, so good.



On Tuesdays I do yoga. On Thursdays, I do yoga, go to dinner, go back to the gym, and do a core class. The gym just added a second core class on Tuesdays. Probably do the double header twice a week.

We do eight ballet jumps in place in the yoga classes. The instructor was a ballerina.

In another thread, we were discussing the end of civilization in 3 minutes. I hope you take longer than that.

Yes indeed. Of course, walking outside looses it’s charm in a Michigan winter. Picked up my current exercise bike at WalMart a year ago, because I had worn out the one I got in 2014.

Keep the mind diverted, while I pedal, by watching old TV shows, of which I have box sets of several.

Just started on the sequel to the original “Maverick”, which Jim Garner did in 81. Really enjoyed that show. Ed Bruce was generally known as a C&W singer, but he put in a pretty solid job as an actor in the series too. In this sequence, Ed is playing the Sheriff.


As you get older, it becomes more and more important to do some weight resistance exercises along with cardio exercises (walking, etc). It helps maintain musculature and strengthen your bones.

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I also walk a lot because I enjoy it. The only regular exercise that I do that I do not enjoy is light dumbbell workouts 3 times a week. As a small framed 68 year old (6’2”, 160 pounds), my doc suggested that some resistance training might reduce the risk of loss of muscle mass and/or bone density.

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The late local news has a segment I call the “freak show”, between the weather and sports: stupid criminals, fuzzy puppies, people behaving badly. During that segment, I grab a pair of cheap dumbbells and do 200 presses. Then I do 50 crunches. Then I stand up, with a stretchy band thing, and do 200 curls. Repeat this routine on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That plus the 2 mile walk/5days per week or 40-50* minutes of pedaling the bike in the winter, manages to shut the doc up when he glares at me accusingly about “exercise”.

I am a robustly framed, 6’ 198lb 70 year old.

I laffed when the girl at Walgreen’s was about to give me a flu shot and said “oohh, muscle”.

*The FCC used to regulate how much advertising time TV networks could sell in prime time. The DVD box sets for shows that ran in the 60s through the early 80s have episodes with run times around 50-51 minutes. Then St Reagan repealed that limit on advertising. Shows that run after “deregulation” only run about 42-43 minutes.



So, I started my “Road to Recovery” training last week…pretty much exactly 3 months to the day after my lapiplasty. Same time frame for immediate post of recovery as my other foot 2 years ago. The R to R moniker isn’t mine but rather the iFit series based on ultrarunner Tommy Rivers Puzey’s return to racing after a horrendous battle with cancer just over 3 years ago.

Each time, it’s been a sobering confirmation of what any and every authority on exercise science will confirm…you use it or lose it. That’s the case even for folk whose “it” was used extensively and conscientiously before surgery…and I’m reasonably confident it happens at an exponential rate the older we get. Starting in the 30s. Looking at the obvious evidence for loss of those all important fast twitch fibers that’s happened for me with a mere 3 month absence from meaningful lifting and plyometric work, I wonder what folk imagine makes them so different that they don’t need to follow these basic guidelines to enter their marginal decade able to manage more than the minimum.


And by coincidence…again

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Same here. Now that Spring/Summer is approaching I get to walk more.

Does carrying shopping bags home from the supermarket count? :clown_face:

The Captain

Yes! Try to even the weight out so each hand is carrying roughly the same weight. It’s roughly a “farmer’s walk” exercise.


For bonus points do the farmer’s walk but with the weights above your head. My PT taught me that one.


And lookie here…even the Grauniad is in on the coincidences…


Good bone density is very important specially as you age. Falling and breaking a leg is very traumatic and expensive to boot. Both of my parents needed hip replacements after falling. I seem to have stronger bones than they had.

The Captain

PS: I inherited their cane, over 50 years old. First dad, then mom, and now it helps me with bad pavements - lots of bad pavements in Caracas and in Portugal.

On the other hand, doing some exercises like squats with uneven weights helps strengthen some core muscles that don’t get much work when the weights are even.


There’s a thing called rucking. From what I can tell, it’s a new name for a weight vest. For the next month or 2, I hike with a weight vest on, about 25 pounds. It is definitely harder than just hiking, but still low impact. This will help prepare me if I do any backpacking this summer.

So when you’re carrying grocery bags, you are definitely building strength. Lots of ways to get the job done !


That’s how I do the overhead farmer’s walk. It definitely helps engage the core.

Another way to gussy up exercise…

Yes, another foster fail :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I recognize that “Time to go walk now, human” look.