The Iranian response as seen by an Israel hawk

Subtitle, Iran, Proxies, Israel, Anti-Iranian Coalition, and Elections.

Deception and Surprise are useful in war, why would Iran forgo them? Iran is not loved by its Arab neighbours. The drones and missiles fired at Israel would more than likely intrude Arab and Turkish airspaces, one reason to alert these nations that they were not the intended targets. Another suggestion is that it had to do with American politics.

The fact is that over 99% of the drones and missiles were shot down by an anti-Iranian coalition including USA, Great Britain, France, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, pardon me if I omitted other powers. Each power has its own narrative. Here is one by an Israeli hawk:

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Russia/Ukraine in the mix…

Iran’s Bizarre Attack on Israel and Russia’s Awkward Spot

Hawk John Bolton,
Q.: “How close is Iran to a nuclear weapon”
Bolton: “A wire transfer to North Korea and flying a warhead to Iran.”

Bolton: Israel’s response to Iran’s strikes should be ‘far stronger’

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