The new Sonoma Wallpapers

The new Wallpapers are both beautiful and technically amazing. It is also easy to miss the full scope of these. My comments are correct for the default wallpaper and as far as I know also apply to the underwater seaweed wallpaper my wife has.

If you take care to look at the wallpaper in the morning, you will see a view over a long distance - distant hill tops covered with rows of grape wines appear as green fields. In the late afternoon it is as if a drone or plane has flown well beyond the foreground of the morning wallpaper. The transition if watching the wallpaper is slow and I don’t see movement.

My Lock Screen settings are Start Screen Saver after 10 minutes of inactivity and Turn off Display after 1 hour of inactivity. Apparently the slow movement of wallpaper stops when the display is off and resumes when the display is turned on. And if the display is turned on too the wallpaper (say move the mouse or tap the keyboard) one can see the wall paper move from an earlier position to a later position.

I actually go the clue to see this by taking screen shots and comparing them through the day.


Not sure exactly where it was shot, but it’s semi-familiar as a Sonoma County resident… Have to guess they had a 4K or better drone camera to take the shot(s), it is relaxing… And a mid Spring time frame…

I see the OS has to download the file if you change to the Redwoods, or others…

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good to know. we’ll be updating shortly…some housekeeping chores to clean up first. thx

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