The reason to hesitate

Neither Gandhi nor King advocated passive anything, but instead preached and led active vehement non-violent resistance to evil.

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I’ll go with that.


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We are far gone at this hour.

The world is a big place. If homes are found it is time to stop this stranglehold.

We are far gone not of my choosing. I recognize pragmatically where things are.

Just for the record, it was a minority that advocated revolution in 1775. Obviously there were no public opinion polls at the time, but best guesstimates are that about 1/3 of the population was in favor, 1/3 was meh, and 1/3 was against taking up arms against the Crown. Many in that latter group quickly or eventually decamped to upper Canada and New Brunswick, and in large enough numbers to have influenced the culture and provinces at the time and since.

The one thing that stays present in my mind is how quickly things can mutate. In 1763, at the conclusion of the French and Indian War, historians agree that there was near unanimity in Colonists considering themselves citizens of Great Britain and loyal to the Crown. Just a decade later they were taking up arms and fighting for independence from it. In a mere ten years a significant fraction of the population was rabble-roused into taking violent action - a combination no doubt of adroit propagandizing couple with lead-footed responses by the King and Parliament.

Still, it always reminds me to be wary of how quickly the tides of opinion can change, and having lived from the peaceful 50’s to the turbulent 60’s, through the assassination of leaders to the assault on the capital, it’s as relevant as ever, methinks.


King’s carrot was juxtaposed against Malcolm’s Black Panthers stick.

Did Ghandi’s carrot have a juxtaposed stick?