There's a nicer way to say that

I know money matters. I know we’re all looking out for ole #1. But we need to be nicer to each other.

We can disagree without expressing disapproval. “I think you’re wrong” is fine, but “I don’t respect your opinion” is not. You don’t have to respect everyone’s opinion, of course. Just keep it to yourself.

There’s a nicer way to tell someone you disagree than to say “I think you misunderstand,” or “what part of this are you not getting?” or “you aren’t thinking clearly.” Have a little humility. Maybe you misunderstood them! You definitely don’t know their life. And it doesn’t do any good to assume.

But look: What they think or why they think it doesn’t matter anyway – all that matters is getting to the truth.

To disagree with someone and be nice about it, simply say, “I think you’re saying X, but I believe Y.”

It’s quite easy, people. Please try.

Asst Board Manager