They're rioting in Italy

With a tip of the hat to The Kingston Trio.

They’re rioting in Africa, they’re starving in Spain.
There’s hurricanes in Florida, and Texas needs rain.
The whole world is festering with unhappy souls.


The Captain


Lots of great memories of the Trio!

Went to high school with George Grove, the first big personnel change.



One of my all time favorites. Dad took me to a basement in San Francisco to hear them way way back in the day. I especially liked their now mostly unacceptable “Big Sur” songs:

Mission San Miguel:

Coast of California:


Santy Anno (pre Civil War USN Sea chanty):

The last song has a wonderful history. It was probably created by British sailors serving in the baby Mexican navy under the young rising caudillo Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, but was quickly picked up by USN mariners who sang it to miff their often Southern born naval officers during the Mexican American war, which the mostly yankee sailors mostly opposed, rooting for Mexico. Sea Chanties, if not too explicit, were a weird form of protected free speech…

david fb


They’re rioting in The Hague…

Dramatic footage has shown what appears to be a full-blown riot raging in the Hague, with groups of rival youths pelting police vans with bricks.

Another clip showed a car on fire, and police using tear gas to quell the disturbances…The paper also reported that the violence stemmed from “a brawl between two groups of Eritreans”.


In that case, there’s an easy solution! Put each group on a “bus” and bring them back to Eritrea. Voila, no more brawls from them.



Would you be putting them on the SAME bus? This may turn into a movie brawl. Hang gopros for real life action!

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SAINT-BREVIN-LES-PINS, France (AP) — The mayor of a small resort town on the Atlantic coast of France resigned, closed his medical practice and moved away after his house and two cars were set on fire. The arson followed months of death threats over plans to relocate a refugee center near a school.

More than 150 miles (240 kilometers) to the north, trouble visited another mayor when he decided to take in a handful of refugee families. The aim was to fill job vacancies in the village; instead, he received a torrent of abuse. One threat read: “I hope, Mr. Mayor, that your wife will be raped, your daughter will be raped, and your grandchildren sodomized.”

The article is a lot of standard jibber-jabber about evil White people caring about their culture but having trouble expressing themselves, but never says just why this is being directed at mayors. Mayors can’t do anything about immigration or “State handouts” except either A) Talk soft about it or B) Talk hard about it. I suppose that would depend on how well they listen to the voters? Unless the harassment is coming from outta-towners? Even more bizzare. Why are they harassing Mayors? Go to the Big Fromage.

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Kraft American (is it cheese?)

That rioting is nothing compared to the US riots in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2020.

A one-stop source for following crucial trends in the most significant antigovernment protests worldwide since 2017:


Do people riot because everything is hunky-dory?

The Captain

Agreed! But it was 2021. But I would also call it an insurrection, not a riot. They were trying to overthrow the results of an election.


Agreed - it was 2021.

I have been trying to correct things for months now.

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