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“Fallout” is one of the best series of the last years. It doesn’t reach the level of “Warrior” or even that of “Yellowstone”, but I find it much better that any Mandalorian or The Last of Us.

The screenplay, the special effects and the post-apocalyptic atmosphere are great, but I found the dialogues and especially the music were very often boring and sometimes even annoying.

Sure the choice of actors in the lead roles is odd (not to say uninspired!), but I’m aware of the world we live in and…that´s it. Besides, after seeing the two lead heroines in The Last of Us and Justified 2.0, nothing seems ridiculous anymore.

I really enjoyed Fallout, too. Went by too fast. Right up my alley with dystopian/apocalyptic world with hints at previous history that aren’t clear yet what happened and why. This was the Dark Tower book series formula, and the backdrop for the Zork games as a kid, for example.

Thought the acting was great, solid special effects, great storyline. Can’t wait for future seasons!

Other recent shows:
3-body problem - started a bit odd, but once the plot became clearer, I got more into the story. A bit aggravating in the sense of how cults are irrational…reminds me of the university protests right now, where a bunch of liberals are aligning with terrorists and cultures that (in general) restrict the rights of women.

Rebel Moon parts 1 & 2. Barely got thru the first one, and fast-forwarded majority of part two. It was almost like someone gave some amateur unlimited access to a big budget and he made an unpolished, cheesy, poorly written, overly predictable storyline. Acting talent wasn’t bad, but they didn’t have anything to work with here. Star Wars ripoff on so many levels too. (evil empire shows up, simple farmers go to “cantina” to find help, swashbuckling dude gives them a ride in his ship, it is seemingly easy to sneak aboard whatever world/ship you want to…they even had a fighter with what sure looks like lightsabers. Sigh.)

Movie: I watched The Iron Claw movie about Von Erich wrestling family. I watched WCCW as a kid and was familiar with the whole background. It was still interesting but perhaps less surprising/shocking to me what happens. There was actually one more (youngest) brother that wasn’t included in the movie, and the director basically said the movie would just be too depressing and there was already enough grief, so he just left that part out of story. I like actor Jeremy that played Kerry, but Kerry was jacked and looked like bodybuilder, whereas Kevin was always lean/muscular and so Efron was ironically too big. Minor quibbles. David and Mike brothers were cast pretty well, and in general they got the mood, the background music, and even the Freebirds correct, which I appreciated. Their father was such a selfish and misguided guy.


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This could have been the best intro E V E R for Fallout:


very cool steampunk/dystopian looking video