This is what happened Today

Ok lets set the scene:

The good guys (The Bull Gang) are in the grip of a gang of bad guys. Call them the Bear Gang. Outnumbered but with with a plan to seize the initiative and break-out with a surprise attack on the Bear Gang Bastion - the Bull Gang launches their surprise attack at dawn.

The Bull gang have sent a small contingent ahead - just before dawn - in a broad based attack, a feint actually, on some of the Bear Gangs outlying businesses in an attempt draw off some of the Bear Gangs fighting resources. Even the odds some. Spys watching the Bear Gang compound have sent word that the feint has worked and a large number of the Bear Gang were seen rushing out toward the businesses that were attacked. A sign for the Bull Gang to attack.

The Bull Gang stealthily takes the entry gates and begins to storm the grounds that leads to the Bear Gang HQ/bastion - which is flanked on one side by a long line of empty stables and on the other side by what appears to be empty barracks. Their initial attack is easily successful and the Bulls sense victory - but, mid-way to the Bear Gang HQ the Bull Gang leader halts the charge: its much too quite and the Bulls sense a trap.

Sure enough Bears begin boiling out of the barracks - having re-entered via a hidden side gate. Members of the Bears quickly stream to the gates closing them to the Bulls while the bulk of the Bears advance toward the group of Bulls.

More Bears come streaming out of the Bear HQ flooding toward the stables to effectively surround the Bulls. Now outnumbered 3 to 1 the Bulls can advance no further. More than that - to survive the day they must somehow fight their way back to the gate in their only chance for escape and survival. It turns out to be a slow slog with Bulls falling one by one.

But the bulk of the Bulls make the gate and exit the Bear Bastion with only token losses. What at first had appeared as a successful raid and break-out by the Bulls turned out to be nothing more than a failed brief initial success followed by minor losses.

And that’s what happened today. And what that might mean for tomorrow who knows: The Bears were bloodied and the Bulls are regrouping and looking to fight another day they we will not go gentle into that Good Night:…

All the Best,