This makes me sad

Circa 2000 or 2001, I had a great post about saving money on electricity by melting ice cubes for drinking water by running them under hot water in my shower constantly.

This was, of course, nonsensical and complete sarcasm, but the outrage I received was amusing.

Now those posts are gone forever.
Stupid TMF.



Reminds me of alchook’s post on lbym about running used dental floss through the dishwasher for reuse. Funny but embarrassing for some who took him seriously.


I hope it’s ok to resurrect that post. From the thread

Subject: Re: Re-using dental floss?

Have you ever used the same string of dental floss more than once?

Several years ago I got into the nasty habit of flushing dental floss down the toilet. As you can guess, eventually my toilet backed up. So I used the plumber’s snake, and to my surprise yanked about a year’s worth of dental floss out of the toilet.

I was about to throw it out, when it hit me that I could essentially sterilize it by running it through the dishwasher, then boiling it for a few minutes. To save money, I boiled it in the water I had just used to cook pasta. This worked nicely.

Still, when it came time, I found that I couldn’t stomach the thought of using dental floss salvaged from the toilet.

So I left it in the guest bathroom.

(This idea would probably work for those of you with children as well.)

Going by recs, this is the best advice in whole thread.


I’m not sure why you’d need to both clean it in the dishwasher AND boil it.



@mschmit. If you use Cascade in the dishwasher, it comes out spotless.

ralph wonders if theres a tongue-in-cheek emoji