This would crash the world's markets

Erdogan threatens to send troops to Gaza

It would distract from the economic problems in Turkey

Hopefully just playing to the crowd

Yes, you have identified his identifying political trait.

And he is probably too close to national bankruptcy with the Turkish Lira in very bad shape to project anything more than a laughable show of power that far. And whether by sea, air, or land, the trip itself would be more than just high risk.

david fb


The US is sending 2 carriers (maybe 3) to the region. Germany, France, Italy and the UK are sending warships to the area. This is a big build-up for countries who are not (yet?) in the war. I think this is all for a show of force: nobody else need get involved, else FAFO.

At least, this is what I hope.

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Someone send him a book about wagging the dog, by the Argentine junta, and the Falklands. Or, maybe a book about wagging the dog in Cyprus, by the Greek junta.


Turkey could have been a contender.