Timing Signals Update

An update on timing signals.

  • Bearcatcher $NAHL (Naz NHs/NLs) 9D EMA has crossed above 0 and turned “Neutral” (my implementation is below 10 = Neutral (as of 8/12)
  • Nasdaq bullish % has flipped to Bullish (above 50%). S&P bullish % is suddenly overbought. (8/12)
  • 26w to 52w MA flipped to Bullish: by 8/5 on Russell2000 & Naz, by 8/12 on SP500.
  • The 10/50D MAs had bullish crosses by 7/29 on all three indexes.

My overall dashboard is now at +3, mildly bullish or “Optimistic”.

The foreign developed and emerging indexes ($MSEAFE and $MSEEM) are still “pessimistic”, they haven’t bounced as much since June as the US.