TMDX - Organ Transplant Trends

Heart Transplants - last 2 years plus YTD 2023:

You can see the increase in transplants starting around 3Q last year, and the increase so far in 2023 vs each of the last 2 years. Total transplants in 1Q23 and not much different than total transplants in 4Q22. So, I don’t expect a big QoQ increase for TMDX - which they pretty much told us in the last ER, and it is due to capacity constraints.

Similar comments for Lung and Liver graphs.

I think we should see solid YoY numbers, but weak QoQ numbers. We will find out in a few days.

Holding all shares - but planning to donate 20% if we get a spike in price. I was too slow on the spike last week. I’m hoping I didn’t miss my opportunity.



Note on the above graphs - I forgot to state that those are totals for ALL transplants in the US. We don’t know how many of them were provided by TMDX. I am assuming that the growth in total transplants is due to TMDX making more organs available to be transplanted - but that is only an assumption.