TMF Site acting weird

How do I get rid of the grayed topics, topics that have been read but as of a couple of days ago keep showing up where before only new topics and topics with new replies showed up. It’s really PITA!

The Captain


Are you using the Unread and New filters next to topics? If so, the lists are the same. Clicking on Topics acts the same as clicking Everything did last week before the update was pushed out, so it shows everything, including topics that you’ve read (grayed out) and ones you haven’t read (bold). They just renamed Everything to Topic since it really is topics related.

It’s possible your settings were updated (for some folks, with different settings than are there now, the settings were reset). Try this to update your preferences:

  1. Click your initials/pictures in the upper right, then click the human icon
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Select Navigation Menu
  4. At the bottom, make sure Line to the Filter List and Show a Counf of the new items” are checked
  5. Click Save

That will reinstate the New and Unread links next to topics.


That worked!


The Captain

Why did they reset my preferences :question:

I can’t find the common link and I, stupidly, didn’t take any screenshots before the upgrade was pushed out (since we’re hosted, it sometimes happens at unexpected times). The Navigation Menu is newly named and has some new fields. I suspect folks who had one setting set one way had both fields checked after the update and others, who had that setting done a different way, were set the other way. (And it’s also possible to have dots instead of the link there and that is one of the new settings)

Either way, I did some digging to find out how to have those links back and have posted it in a few places, including your question.