Just a question.... how to quickly see my old boards? On one screen?"

OK. I am trying not to complain. I would just like to see my old boards? Are they still somewhere listed as my favorites? I guess my “favorite boards” now mean favorite “topics?” (are message boards, now called “topics?”) Please let me give you a specific example. I used to frequent a board called “tax strategies.” Is there some easy way to get to a board named “tax strategies?” Is the name of that board gone?? Did the name of that board change to a “topic?” If you would please tell me step-by-step, how I can see a list of discussions that might be involving taxes. Previously, I came to the Fool, and could easily see my list of favorite boards. One screen… I could choose which of my favorite boards to read. Is there some similar place, where I can find a similar list of the boards I used to read? How do I get there? Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, I don’t even know how to get back to this message I have posted to see perhaps some of the suggestions some of you have replied to my question… so if there is some way for you to respond to this question of mine, and there used to be a box to select, “email this to the message originator?” I would really appreciate if you could choose to email your response to ME, the message originator, so I can possible learn how to use the new boards… Thank you so much. --Footsox


I too have the same question, so please publicly reply. - Gabespar

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The new interface can be quite confusing. Yes, there is a similar place to your old “favorite boards”. If you are using a computer it’s to the left. (“Categories” and “Tags” instead of “boards”). Your list of favorites is gone however, so you need to select your favorite boards again. Here’s a good guide:

I hope this helps.

Related to Old Board site access.
The Humor site is closed, but even so you used to be able to go back to old posted jokes using a filter at the top for days, weeks,or months to get to where I last viewed the site.
That’s gone now.Can it be brought back?

I would like the same thing. Sometimes I remember there was a great post about some subject and it was perhaps 2 years ago. Is there some way to do a search and find it again?

You can access the old Humor board at the link below. The old site is due to be deleted around the end of the month. So save/print out anything you want to save ASAP.


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There’s no easy way. The thing is, Discourse (the software being used) seems to think that the dreaded infinite scroll is an awesome thing and the way it should be:


There is, but you probably won’t like it. However, as @5761796E65 pointed out, the old is soon to be erased from history. Unless TMF reverses course. To illustrate, here’s a search listing topics limited to before 2022:


This community is even worst than the previouos one. Good job to Mootley Fool in setting this up…

Hi Footsox

All your favorite open boards were converted to the Tracked group for you, so you are still following them. You can access them a few ways:

  1. Click Tracked on the sidebar and you will see a list of all posts in those categories (the new name for boards). You can filter through to specific categories by toggling the All Categories filter at the top and selecting the board you want to read - all it’s posts will be there, ones in bold have activity you haven’t read, ones that are greyed out are ones you’ve read.
  2. On the home page (https://discussion.fool.com/), the center columns shows all the boards in the same buckets they were on the old site. You can click on any name there to read that category(board). It will provide a list of all the posts and you can click through them to read them.
  3. Finally, if you want, you can set up the categories and tags you want to follow on the sidebar by clicking the plus sign next to categories or tags, choosing the ones you want from the drop downs then saving it. Now, anytime that category or tag has new activity and Unread or New link will appear next to it and you can click that to access that board.
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The learning curve for these boards is like the Yield Curve - inverted.



It’s like a House of Horrors Ralph, thanks for the emoji, it made me laugh this morning.

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