Board shows 1 new topic in one place, 0 new in another

Not sure what is going on here, but its been doing this for a long time. It says there is a new topic in Saul’s forum, but you go there and it says there are no new topics. What gives?


I agree, that’s a kludgy UI design. Try clicking “latest” and see what comes up.

Just reload the page (F5) in the browser, and it should be fixed. I’ve seen the counts get off when I have multiple TMF tabs open.

I’ve seen the counts be wrong and stay wrong after a refresh. And I generally use only one tab for TMF on my browser. The most consistent way I’ve found to get the counts back into agreement is to read a thread. That seems to force the system to update the count and gets things back in agreement.


I found that reading the thread seems to work most of the time too. A bit annoying when it is a thread you don’t want to read, though. Would be nice to have a button to click that says “mark as read” for example.
I know you can go to the bottom and pick to follow, ignore etc. This should also be at the top of the thread, IMO.


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