$TMUS Top Tier 2 Get Free $AAPL TV Plus

The Verge Headline: T-Mobile Magenta Max subscribers will now get free Apple TV Plus

Sub-headline: Every network is good now, so these streaming perks are an important draw

By Chris Welch @chriswelch Aug 29, 2022, 12:00pm EDT


T-Mobile led the way in bundling mobile and entertainment services together, but now competitors like Verizon are doing the same to incentivize their subscribers to stick around. With that in mind, T-Mobile is trying to sweeten the pot a bit more with the addition of free Apple TV Plus. The new perk will be available starting August 31st for customers on the company’s Magenta Max plan.

Thankfully for T-Mobile customers, gaining Apple’s service doesn’t mean giving up Netflix. The carrier will continue to offer its long-running “Netflix on us” deal, which similarly provides free streaming access for as long as you’re a T-Mobile customer. Just keep in mind that the Netflix perk is limited to the basic, standard definition tier for most plans unless you’re on a multi-line Magenta Max plan. Whereas with Apple TV Plus, you’ll get full 4K streaming even on a single-line Max plan.

T-Mobile had previously been offering a free year of Apple TV Plus on many eligible T-Mobile and Sprint plans. But since access will be ongoing for Max customers, that promotion will be halved to six months for other plans like the standard Magenta tier. Aside from Apple TV Plus and Netflix, T-Mobile also offers a free year of Paramount Plus, plus monthly discounts on YouTube TV and Philo TV, both of which are $10 off for one year.