TracyK's portfolio through June, 2018

Hello fellow investing warriors,

Here are my results through June:
Tracy’s portfolio is up 36.7%
S&P = +1.7%
NASDAQ (.ixic) = +8.8%
Russell 2000 (iwm) = +6.6%

Top ten stocks - % growth:
CRSP (CRISPR Therapeutics) +150%
ABMD (Abiomed) +118%
TTD (Trade Desk) +105%
NFLX (Netflix) +104% (last month, I mistakenly reported that NFLX was up 63%; actually it was up 83.1%)
SQ (Square) +77%
TDOC (Teledoc) +66%
ALGN (Align) +54%
AYX (Alteryx) +51%
NTNX (Nutanix) +46%
NEWR (New Relic) +45%

Top ten holding in % holdings:
First: NFLX (Netflix) 27.6% (and I sold some!)
Second: CASH ($$) 5.9%
Third: AAPL (Apple) 5.4%
Fourth: MFA (MFA Financial) 4.2%
Tied for fifth: ABMD (Abiomed) and NVDA (Nividia) 3.3%
Sixth: NTNX (Nutanix) 2.8%
Tied for seventh: AYX (Alteryx) and TLND (Talend) 2.4%
Eighth: SQ (Square) 2.2%
Ninth: ALGN (Align) 1.9%
Tied for tenth: ATVI (Activision Blizzard) and ANET (Arista Networks) 1.7%

64.8% of total portfolio

Results at the end of each month:
January +5.9%
February +20%
March +20%
April + 20%
May +26%
June +36%

June activity:
Bought NKTR (Nektar Therapeutics)
Bought CLDR (Cloudera)
Bought MDB (Mongo)
Bought more of ATVI (Activision Blizzard)
Bought more of TLND (Talend)
Bought more of Teledoc (Teledoc)
Sold all of GOOGL (Alphabet) My thanks to Brittlerock’s post #42771. It was another gentle reminder to let go of my “old guys.”
Sold some of BRK-B (Berskhire Hathaway). Again, thank you Bear, Brittlerock, and others.
Sold all of SBUX (Starbucks).
Sold some of NFLX (Netflix)

To all of our American community members: Happy Independence Day. We’re fortunate to have such a vibrant discussion board, and it takes all of us to make it a positive experience.


Hi Tracy,
congrats on great results and happy 4th to you as well.
I am curious on your view on TDOC.
I have a small position and debating if its time to pick up some more.
Question in my head is - are they really growing organically, of they are just growing through acquisition.
Also how would they compete with local hospitals if those hospitals also offer similar tele-services.

Any insight would be useful.

I’m with you on the Netflix. Was my biggest. Rest of the world does not get the power of binge watching and foreign tv and movies.

Hey Nilvest,
I enjoy listening the various TMF podcasts, and they talked about Teledoc in one of the episodes. Simply put - I liked what I heard. I can’t see a hospital developing their own solution that would compete; I have to think they would buy that expertise somewhere else.

I have never personally used the Teledoc service, but a couple of friends have and said it was great.

Not a lot of detail, but I hope it helps.


Thanks TracyK. Its good to know you have friends who tried and are happy with the experience. That type of personal experience is very useful.

For what its worth, I spent an hour looking at reviews on the internet and for the most part, I found reasonable customer experience. Sure, there are people with not so good experiences but the fact that there are many many reviews with reasonable experiences is very encouraging.

I am not sure my insurance covers it or not. I if it does, I will look to try - not just to get a personal experience for investment but also the convenience factor is appealing to me.
I will post here if i end up trying.