TracyK's portfolio performance through May 2

Hello to my fellow investing warriors,

Here are my results through May:
Tracy’s portfolio = +26%
S&P = +1.2%
NASDAQ (.ixic) = +7.8%
Russell 2000 (iwm) = +6.8%

Top ten stocks - % growth:
CRSP (CRISPR Therapeutics) +193%
ABMD (Abiomed) +103%
TTD (Trade Desk) +87%
SQ (Square) +68%
NFLX (Netflix) +63%
NTNX (Nutanix) +52%
ATVI (Activision Blizzard) +50%
NEWR (New Relic) +47%
SHOP (Shopify) +47%
TDOC (Teleadoc) +46%

Top ten holding in % holdings:
NFLX (Netflix) 29.7%
CASH ($$) 9.4%
AAPL (Apple) 6.2%
MFA (MFA Financial) 4.2%
ABMD (Abiomed) 3.5%
NTNX (Nutanix) 3.3%
NVDA (Nividia) 3.1%
BRK-B (Berkshire Hathaway) 2.4%
SQ (Square) 2.2%
GOOGL (Alphabet) 2.1%

69.3% of total portfolio

Results at the end of each month:
January +5.9%
February +20%
March +20%
April + 20%
May +26%

May activity:
Sold all of OLED (Universal Display)
Sold all of IONS (Ionis Pharmaceutical)
Sold all of TREE (Lending Tree)
Sold all of ODFL (Old Dominion)
Sold all of GOOG (Alphabet); I still own GOOGL
Bought more of MFA (MFA Financial)
Bought CIM (Chimera Investment)
Bought GPN (Global Payments)

So far, June’s results look promising; I hope your results look good too. Have a great evening,


Hi Tracy - interesting you sold OLED, why was that? Too hard to follow the head fakes on projected growth vs Apple intentions etc?
ps nice job on the port.

The math on your portfolio is interesting. How are you only up 26%? It seems like your portfolio has 50 companies.

I am struggling with a similar issue of reducing the number of stocks in my overall portfolio. Would a smaller portfolio help you? That being said, you are beating the market.

Not criticizing, just wondering.

Hi Tracy

There’s something wrong here.

Your top 10 holdings start with Netflix at 30% but quickly descend to Google in tenth place at only 2%. So all the rest of your positions, and you must have a bunch, are tiny at under 2%.

Of your ten great growers, of which the worst was up a huge 48%, only three were in your top ten largest positions.

For seven out of those wonderful ten fast growers, all that beautiful growth was wasted on tiny little positions where the growth was irrelevant, your positions were too small to budge the needle for your portfolio.

So I have to ask, why haven’t you been weeding your junk and adding to your fast growers. Just curious.



Thanks, Ant! I sold OLED for a couple of reasons: (1) I have ~50 stocks; I’m looking to condense where I can. (2) Stock price has dropped nearly 50% my from initial purchase.

Great question, Saul. And you’re right. I have a lot of what Bear describes as “lead weight.”

This sort of investing is new to me, and it’s taking me awhile to let go of my stalwarts. I’ve said bye-bye to a handful; I have more to go. What I struggle with is: once I have all this cash - I don’t fully understand how best to do follow up investments in my current companies and/or new companies. Thus…the slow progress.

Thank goodness I’m willing to learn.