Trade and Diplomatic Moves Deepen the Stress on Israel’s Isolation and Economy

Turkey’s decision to suspend trade with Israel underscores the rising global pressure to wind down the war in Gaza, even as Israel’s leaders insist that they will not end the campaign until Hamas’s rule in the enclave has been eradicated.

Israel’s international isolation has mounted as its devastating military offensive in Gaza continues with little end in sight. Some countries have downgraded or cut ties with Israel. Close partners such as the United States, Britain and Germany, while still remaining strongly supportive of Israel, have become more openly critical of its conduct and of restrictions on humanitarian aid to Gaza.

On Wednesday, Colombia became the latest Latin American country to break ties with Israel, following Bolivia and Belize early in the war. Arab states like Jordan and Bahrain, with whom Israel cooperates closely on security, recalled their ambassadors amid public outcry over the rising death toll.

The Biden administration, Israel’s most important ally, has shown no sign of pulling back military support, even as it warns against an Israeli invasion of Rafah, in southern Gaza, where more than a million people are sheltering. And Israel won a reprieve this week when a United Nations court declined to order Germany, Israel’s second-biggest supplier of weapons, after the United States, to suspend those arms sales.

Still, the moves by Turkey and others highlight how the war in Gaza, now nearly seven months old, is exacting a growing toll on Israel’s global standing.

Can you prove that Turkey is a puppet to Russia? Turkey is a close partner of both Russia and Ukraine, and has attempted to broker a peaceful solution to the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. Turkey is the only NATO member that is not on Russia’s unfriendly countries list, and has become a financial safe haven for the Kremlin. In 2022, Turkey and Russia had an estimated $70 billion in trade, and Russia is Turkey’s second-largest economic partner. Turkey has also hosted high-profile negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. Turkey helped to opened the BLack Sea for Ukraine to ship of grains.

Why does Israel still play nice with Russia? Does Israel support Russia? Israel has maintained relations with Russia, refused to impose sanctions, and rejected calls to send weapons to Ukraine, which has put Israel at odds with many Western countries. In spring 2022, Russian officials accused Israel of supporting the “regime” in Kyiv, which made many Israelis uncomfortable.

What about the other countries mentioned in the article? Are they Russian puppets?


Turkey is a slave to whomever is most useful for surviving the upcoming month or so to the current government, starring Erdogan. Currently, that might be Russia, but I sure would not bet on it.

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I disagree. What about Israel?