X Post: How Israel Has Allied Itself With Ukraine And Angered Russia

Golda Meir, this one is for you, M’am. I wish you were here to see this:

Back at the Syrian Ranch, Israel is taking care of Russian/Iranian/Syrian Militant business which would have been “off-shored” to Ukraine.

Wagner Group (the bloody psychopathic mercenary group on Putin’s side in Urkaine) will not be finding too many more recruits inside the Hellhole called Syria.

p.s. As explained in the accompanying video of my X-post below, the Russian aircraft inside Syria attacking Kurdish positions near the Turkey border are “ancient” according to observers in this video. The good aircraft has already been sent to Ukraine where it has been chewed up and spit out into Ukrainian countryside as another rusty monument to Mad Vlad’s Folly.

Israel slipped through the back door in the kitchen. And now they are taking out all the cooks, waiters, and waitresses and replacing them with their stoic warriors. At the Syrian Restaurant, Israel commandos are about to walk out into the restaurant proper and give the Russian and Iranian patrons a taste of “Justice Late, Is Justice Still Served” which I believe is a Golda Maier recipe.

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“To be or not to be is not a question of compromise. Either you be or you don’t be.” - Golda Meir

**The Soviet government is the most realistic regime in the world - no ideals." - Golda Meir

“A leader who doesn’t hesitate before he sends his nation into battle is not fit to be a leader.” - Golda Meir

Golda Meir was never afraid of the past. She studied the past. She was afraid of repeating the past. She was a true leader of humans who were almost exterminated.


Meir, Israel’s fourth prime minister, was born in 1898 in Kyiv. Since the Russian invasion, her words appeared in pro-Ukrainian memes and were even picked up by Ukrainian diplomats.

p.s. My fave Golda Meir quote of all time showed her human side:

“Not being beautiful was the true blessing. Not being beautiful forced me to develop my inner resources. The pretty girl has a handicap to overcome.” - Golda Meir

That’s the kind of stoicism which makes great people. I have to believe some of Golda’s DNA is in Zelenskyy, my fave politician on this planet. I wish Golda were alive to see Zelenskyy and Ukraine in all their fighting glory today. She would be very proud of her people, the Ukrainians, as they are refusing to give in during Hard Times.


I agree with your first sentence.

But Golda’s family would not have considered themselves Ukrainian. Like my family, they were Jews who emigrated from Ukraine due to vicious pogroms and violent persecution by the Ukrainians.

Wendy (grandfather born in Odessa, grandmother born in Minsk, both part of Russia at the time)


Totally agree Wendy. My grandfather never saw himself as Polish. The same history with pogroms.

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Did I say the Russians were innocent? Far from it! In fact, I mentioned in my post that both Odessa and Minsk (where my grandparents were born) were part of Russia at the time. The entire “pale of Jewish settlement” was part of the Russian empire then and included all of modern-day Belarus, Lithuania and Moldova, much of Ukraine and east-central Poland, and relatively small parts of Latvia and what is now the western Russian Federation

But don’t think the Russians were nice to each other! I have read several books of Russian history and concluded that among the Russians are some of the cruelest people on earth. Their leadership (more like armed Mafia) has been merciless and rapacious toward the Russian common people (serfs) for at least 1,000 years and the common people responded by being just as harsh. (As far back as the history books covered, but I’m sure they weren’t angels before that.) Serfdom was only abolished in Russia in 1861.

Jews in the Russian empire were never serfs. They were governed by their own Councils of Elders. But they were second-class citizens by law.

When someone finds out that my grandparents came from Russia and ask me if I consider myself Russian, I vehemently deny it! I consider Russia to be a good place to LEAVE!

Incidentally, I am friends with two Russian immigrant women (one my talented art teacher and the other a young mother in my neighborhood). They are both highly educated (coincidentally attended the same college in Russia) and among the nicest people I have ever met.




You are not educating us nearly as much as you think. While we can always do some extra reading to get more of the details, we know already the Russians are the culprit.

The problem is the old Arab saying, “I fight with my brother till my cousin comes along”. Meaning if the US military went into Ukraine it would be the Slavs, Ukrainian and Russian, against the Americans almost immediately. That would be the resultant. To say it was the Russians is not that straight forward. The differences between Slavs are huge and wont stand up to inspection if anyone else enters the theater.

I do not have my Grandfather’s position on the Poles or the Germans for that matter. We are generations beyond those days. Many Poles were heroic in their efforts to help the Jews during WW II. But it is with a bitterness to watch your family murdered that is our family history.

In the ME the same thing is happening. While I do not like Israel’s conservative governments…there are no innocents of “full” intention on the other side. I met the most wonderful Palestinian woman from Jordan last summer. We had a fantastic discussion. She agreed with me that it was really all Syrian tribesmen. She truly wanted peace with Israel and a one state solution. She did not know why it was not happening. I explained some voices on the Arab side were calling to out number the Jews in Israel. She then fully understood it is only about numbers and that the extreme calls to control Israel instead by Muslim force existed and was impossible for the Jews to work around or with. A lot of innocent people are being hurt in almost all the Arab nations with some exceptions ie Jordan and perhaps to a degree the UAE.


:point_up: I couldn’t move beyond this sentence because it doesn’t come anywhere close to touching on what is actually happening on the ground in Ukraine, and it certainly doesn’t capture the sentiment in the hearts and minds of Ukrainians coming out of hiding in once-Russian controlled territory. To see those people, still alive after horrendous abuse, and waving yellow and blue flags while heartily singing their national anthem, does the heart good.

Leap, I have to ask you do you think that after all of the shelling, torturing, child trafficking, rapes and murders of Ukrainian citizens that the Ukrainians would NOT want American soldiers coming to their aid?

Ukraine has applied to become a member of NATO. Finland and Sweden are joining NATO. Which way are the winds of change blowing?

At this moment, we have entire battalions and brigades of Belarusians, Georgians and Chechnyans fighting under the flag of Ukraine, not Russia. Many of these fighters are also ready to bring change back home - which means kicking out all Russian aggressors in their respective countries.

The once-vaunted Kadyrov battalion from Chechnya was annihilated and its psychopathic leader has gone back home to criticize Putin’s mis-handling of this war. And yet there are hundreds of Chechnyans’ now fighting for Ukraine who want to take out Kadyrov after they are done killing Russians in Ukraine.

Putin has reactionary forces in all three of above countries I’ve named above. Much of the population are pro-Ukraine/anti-Russian. In every one of these countries a notable uptick of sabotage is happening at military bases, military recruitment centers, Russian garrisons, etc.

Across the border in Poland, the 101st Airborne is training Ukraine and resistance forces from other lands. Zelenskyy is going to take back Crimea. He won’t stop after clearing out Donbas. I would expect nothing less as he and his leaders and soldiers continue to assess the war crime evidence left behind by fleeing Russians and the tales of war crimes told by scarred and scared Ukrainians who are now living under their blue and yellow flag again.

And these war crimes will be prosecuted. If Putin hasn’t already died from his maladies, I hope to see him at the Hague with that psychopath Oligarch from Wagner Group. We need to put these inhumane monsters to bed and get on with building a better world with our newest allies in NATO.

p.s. Russia will lose many members of its “federation” soon enough as the repressed citizens in all those regions are taking hope at what they see in Ukraine. I for one can see Belarusians, Chechnyans and Georgians (among at least a dozen other countries in their position) asking Ukraine AND Americans for military aid once their revolutions inside their borders kick in.


This is very simple the US military is a hammer. Everything is not a nail. If the US military enters the theater the US military will make deadly mistakes. The US military will do misguided things. The US military will be purposely misdirected by some parties. There will be Ukrainians settling scores with other Ukrainians as we saw in Iraq where before we knew it 500,000 Iraqis were imprisoned by our military on at times little more than a local saying, “I am pretty sure that guy down the road is against the US military and he has weapons”.

The hearts are in the right place. You are correct. But not all the hearts. If you think going into war is going to be a purity of heart you have forgotten the US would be at war. You have forgotten the Ukrainians are killing left and right. The Russians would put our men and women under pressure as we died in combat. You have forgotten our hammer would come down on all eventually. War has never been pure of heart. Your post is not reality based but very well intentioned.


I am talking about human beings. You missed the point. The saying is Arab but it is not just about Arabs. There is a lot of wisdom in that saying.

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The other issue Putin will use tactical nuclear weapons on US forces in the theater without any doubt. The provocation would be on our side not Russia’s.

Regardless of the provocation the use of nuclear weapons would ensue.

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Europe is not special. We Europeans are just another group of human beings…except that we are the bloodiest.

To the point…You are missing entirely what happens when the US military enters a war zone. We shoot at everything. We make mistakes. We are easily set up to make more mistakes. In NO time Americans will in part be killing Ukrainians. The US military is a hammer meant to fire on everything. Our men and women in uniform are not plastic surgeons.

There would be a growing resentment as we sometimes blundered. Then the Ukrainians might easily in some quarters want to take shots at the US military.

Either way it is a pointless discussion. Putin would use tactical nuclear weapons right away. As I said the Europeans are not special regardless of us saying we are.

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