Trading Blocks Sold Today and Other Stuff

Trading Blocks sold with really nice returns:

  1. Sold a TB in S: Initiated a week ago at $15.45 and sold today at $17.50. Short term gain of +13.26%.

  2. Sold TB in MNDY: Initiated a week ago at $113.88 and sold today at $123.66 for a short term gain of +8.58%.

  3. Sold TB in CRWD: Initiated a week ago at 116.30 and sold today at $$131.60 for a short term gain of +13.1% short term gain.

Thinking about going ahead with another of my exceptionally well-thought-out and historically disastrous, Wyle E Coyote type boneheaded specials and staking out a small Scout Team position in HIMS just prior to its report this evening. Will put it here if I do prior to the report. No Guts - No Glory! Is that Gary Owen I hear playing in the background?

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XPEL reports tomorrow mooring, this micro cap is very famous. they added new products recently. only last quarter they reported decel but in there history every time they beat and guided earlier. may be worth to look.

TaskUs also earning reaction will be huge either side. they report today.

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Please update on TaskUs when they report.


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No guts - No glory!

Hope you did and made bank on HIMS…I enjoy your posts Champ!!

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Hi Inspired:

Wish that I could claim that I did; but, after thinking about it I went all:

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top and bottom line beat and improved margins, growing 19.5% yoy
guided also well.
had agreement with Rivn

Market Reaction : 3.62%

looks promising but may be slow compare to our ultra growth portfolio. But if we see the price action it did not given back profits like our usual growth stocks in this downtrend.
still 5 yr return +1281% 1 year return +68% 3 months return -5%
just15% less from all-time high.


market reaction: initial reaction 15% down but may be it’s already priced in…so recovered and now 2% up.

guided less then estimates… may be we can skip this…no need to think about it