Troll trapping?

It is pretty obvious on the PA board that an individual is using at least two, maybe three logins to post the same dribble over and over for weeks now… Pointless as they are, I already have them in the penalty box, never have or will respond to their spittle… Luckily, the frowns face put them in the Ignored Yap bin, but it’s still annoying…

In other social media, they could be totally blocked, banned, except here…

I’d love to take the reins and wipe 'em off TMF, but there seems no way to make to make it happen…



What, dopples are still on TMF? …na, can’t be.

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If you suspect someone of violating their Foolish ToS with multiple login accounts, report a post and list the accounts you suspect are fake and your board moderator can investigate.

Who notes there are ways to track IP addresses and such to find out such things…

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Right here:

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