Truth Social goes north

It is hardly a meme stock. Meme stocks go up uncontrollably.

This is a Led Zeppelin. It is all about the blues. You may love her but she will crush you.

Some ejit once or five million times said smart businessmen go bankrupt.

Would it surprise you?

This is about as bizarre as it gets in a court room. Other than being impeached twice.


Well it does get more bizarre. This was the guy who had our Ukrainian ambassador spied on for Trump leading to his first impeachment. There have been so many legal actions you would need to fully research the first impeachment to know what it was about.

I know this guy. Like others I hope he does not sit next to me when I am having lunch at a local restaurant. He is a little shall we say manic.

His resume in the article is a little misleading. He is a commercial landscaper. He was very successful at that.

Or go down. A key attribute of a meme stock is that the valuation is completely divorced from fundamentals, and is based almost entirely on the sentiment of retail investors. That really seems to be the case for DJT.


Of course. Revoke everyone else’s stock. Then, as majority shareholder, follow the PE model: loot the company, then dump the worthless husk into bankruptcy, to Roger all the other stakeholders.



I agree, retail investors, it can’t be most of the followers of Trump because most of them wouldn’t even know how to open a brokerage account. I think this is retail investors trying for a fast buck. Nothing to invest in just momentum.


It’s down right shocking. Who would have thought that there was any grift with DJT?

Florida venture capitalist Michael Shvartsman and his brother Gerald Shvartsman pleaded guilty on Wednesday to participating in an insider trading scheme linked to the blockbuster deal that brought former President Donald Trump’s social media business public.

What??? In Florida? That is just amazing but I am sure this is just fake news with a politically charged SEC.