TUP - no longer a falling knife (at least for today)

I’d more or less given up on TUP, but still kept way too many shares with the hopes of a recovery. Somebody seems to be buying up a whole bunch of it today. It is up 40% or so. I don’t see any news. Anybody have a clue what’s going on? With a market cap around $40mm, somebody could get controlling interest without a huge investment. Volume today around 15mm shares out of 45mm outstanding.


@ jjaym - your TUP shares seem to be regaining value at an incredible rate. Crossed the $4/sh mark today and crazy volume the last three days (each day over 100 M shares trading)

Indeed. It’s been quite a week or so for TUP. I’ve reduced my shares by about a half as it has gone up. Still a long way to go before I will have a positive return, if that ever happens. Fundamentally, I don’t have much faith in it, so I’ll probably have sold it all (or most) before I get to break even.

Already up another 25% this morning in pre-market. Seems like most of the short sellers would have been squeezed out by now.