Two Apple questions

  1. What is the oldest FUNTIONAL piece of Apple equipment that you own?

  2. What is the oldest piece of Apple equipment that you use?

Here are my answers.

  1. 2005 iPod shuffle

  2. mid 2012 MacBook Pro - This isn’t getting a lot of use. I plan on making it into a Linux laptop soon.

  1. (Oldest Functional) Rather difficult for me, as far as oldest, as I tend to be a collector as well as user, haunted flea markets for years, so I’ve tried to gather most together in flip top bins in the garage… I know there is an Apple //e e/w dual Disk II’s, in the garage, returned to me as my daughter moved on to her own Macs. An Apple Camera, an Apple Newton, the early iPod, and an iPod Touch are her in my desk… Many momentos from many trips to MacWorld Computer Fair in SF… Also 2 copies of the old Apple ][ Red Book, early 6502 insights into what Woz was doing in those early days… Pretty sure the Apple ][e still works, some of the others, but may need batteries…

  2. (oldest in use) My iPhone 11 Pro Max, as I just retired the 2012 Mac Pro…


Functional? I still have that old 512 K Fat Mac that I wrote about resurrecting on the old TMF Apple boards. I think I put “vintage computing” in the post. It’s sitting in a closet. I have no reason to believe it eventually stopped working after I recovered it.

“Still use” is probably my old Macintosh “Pro Keyboard” from 2000. I think I got it with the Power Mac G4. I haven’t really liked the evolution of Apple’s keyboards over the years with their increasingly slim form factors and shallow key travel, so I’ve migrated that keyboard to successive Macs for over 20 years. Despite the years of pounding, it still works practically as new.