UAE Meddling or UAEgate

It reveals the UAE’s bid, spanning multiple U.S. administrations, to exploit the vulnerabilities in American governance, including its reliance on campaign contributions, susceptibility to powerful lobbying firms and lax enforcement of disclosure laws intended to guard against interference by foreign governments, these people said. Each spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss classified information.

The Abraham Accords — which ultimately led to the normalization of relations between Israel and the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, and Sudan — were publicly being hailed as “a warm peace transforming the Middle East,” according to the UAE’s Embassy in Washington. Behind the scenes, however, the Emirati lobby was quietly using the Abraham Accords as leverage for obtaining billions in U.S. military equipment and a formal security treaty with the United States. In short, these “peace” agreements were being used to increase, not reduce, the militarization of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

Hm time to invade UAE for infiltrate US political process?
After all they are siting on a boatload of oil. Oh of course we will be bringing democracy to the UAE people also.

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The vibe I got from that deal was the Pals were thrown under the bus, while everyone else got a big pile of money.


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Remember the guy who was going to create peace in the Middle East?