Ukraine Fights To Russian Border

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No more hitting “sitting targets” with artillery. Ukraine is now using a mechanized artillery unit to take out moving Russian armor. I want to learn more about the projectiles used:
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Rob Lee
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Two-part video from Ukraine’s 54th Mechanized Brigade showing artillery strikes on a Russian armored column.
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11:05 PM · May 10, 2022·Twitter Web App
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Peregrine Trader
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Forbes: “As the Russian front collapses around Kharkiv, it could free up powerful Ukrainian brigades to push south, toward Izium, potentially tipping the fighting there in Kyiv’s favor.”

From the Forbes article above:

Ukrainian forces around Kharkiv, in northeastern Ukraine, appear to have pushed Russian troops east past Ternova, a settlement on the Russian border.

If confirmed, the Ukrainians’ liberation of Ternova could mark an inflection point in Russia’s 10-week-old wider war in Ukraine. In late March, Ukrainian forces drove Russian invaders from northern Ukraine. Now it appears they’re driving the invaders from northeastern Ukraine, too.


More from the Forbes article:

If indeed the Ukrainian forces around Kharkiv, including the battle-hardened 92nd and 93rd Mechanized Brigades, have pushed all the way to the Russian border, they not only can prevent Russian artillery from targeting Kharkiv—they could fire their own guns at Russian staging areas on the far side of the border.

And they also would be free to pivot right and head toward Izium, 60 miles south of Kharkiv. The Russian army has 99 front-line battalion tactical groups in Ukraine. A dozen of the best BTGs slowly are advancing in fits and starts south and west past Izium.

Think of any Ukrainian brigades rolling toward Izium from the north as a hammer. The Ukrainian brigades south of Izium, including the 4th and 17th Tank Brigades and the 95th Air Assault Brigade, would be the anvil. The conditions are becoming clearer for a major Ukrainian victory.

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