Ukraine History Matters


links to a now old (8 months!!) but still crucially important and telling analysis about Putin, Russia, and Ukriane. That it is now “old” makes its relevance and accuracy all the more interesting. The main speaker, Yale historian Timothy Snyder, has put his 22 Yale lectures online. They are utterly fascinating and useful.

Putin losing, Russian Imperial dreams collapsing, would have HUGE macroeconomic implications as a whole lot of investment could shift to far more sensible uses.

david fb


I’m wondering if my concentration on global manufacturers of electrical equipment will benefit by the destruction taking place in Ukraine?



Want to be attacked? Show how peaceful and defenseless you are. The best news out of Russia is that civilians don’t want to go to war. Japan and Germany abandoned militarism after they were beaten to a pulp. Keep hammering the Russians mercilessly and they too might reform.

Good news out of Ukraine, they are attacking deep in Russia. Pick combustible and explosive targets – ammo and fuel depots – and you don’t need large warheads to do lots of damage.

The Captain


Japan seems to be rethinking their post WWII pacifism.

“The Kishida government’s new national security strategy represents an inflection point—one that sets in motion a material transformation in Japan’s defense posture that builds upon the policy and legal reforms that Abe put in place. These changes were unimaginable only a few years ago and represent a vast opportunity for the U.S.-Japan alliance.”