Unicorn startup Radia's gigaplane could transform onshore wind

Founded by MIT aerospace engineer and CEO Mark Lundstrom, Radia is designing and building the WindRunner, a gigaplane 356 feet long x 79 feet tall x 262 feet wingspan, to radically transform onshore wind by transporting wind turbines up to 344 feet long to prime locations hitherto inaccessible to today’s giant turbines

‘The result would be land-based wind power installations with a blade tip reaching about 300 feet higher than the current average, roughly as tall as the U.S. Capitol with the Washington Monument stacked on top. Such projects would produce about double the energy current onshore installations do and be possible in more places, too.’

‘Radia estimates the larger turbines could reduce the cost of energy by up to 35% and increase the consistency of power generation by 20% compared with today’s onshore turbines.’

‘The WindRunner includes shoulder-height tires and has the ability to land on a packed-dirt 6,000-foot runway, which would need to be built for each project’