Update on Dad since Mom's Gone

It’s been a while.

Mom died in March, and Dad was in rehab when she died. He went into Memory Care a week after he returned from rehab. They wouldn’t let him have his computer (can’t guarantee it won’t get damaged or mishandled) and there was not enough room for books or really anything but a dresser. He was without any stimutation, and their idea of interaction was sitting the patients around to listen to mountain gospel.

It was the same place Mom was in but she was in much worse shape mentally than Dad was. She didn’t notice the surroundings.

So I moved him closer to me (10 minutes away) on May 31. It’s more expensive, but the LTC insurance pays. It opened in April or May. They have business process issues.

He’s got 2 rooms, and they charge per room. They didn’t tell me that when we signed the contract. For June I paid a check for the total amount. For July they did ACH, but only for 1 room, and sent me an invoice for only 1 room. I asked them for an invoice for both rooms together and they balked, saying it would have to be a manual invoice. I told them I file the insurance, and they don’t have to, but I need 1 total bill, and they send me one. They still haven’t debited the other 1/2 and I’ve asked them about it multiple times.

For August I got 2 separate bills, one for each room. I have to address that next week.

TBH I don’t have time to wrangle their business process issues, even though I am.

Dad moved May 31, and June 7 went into the hospital for severe constipation and a kidney infection. He was there 7 days, then went to rehab for 14 days, then back to the new place.

He was there until July 25 when he went back to the hospital for dehydration and malnutrition, and is still there with the same kidney infection and pneumonia.

For anyone counting, he’s been moved 9 times this year:

Started in AL
Memory Care
New Memory care
Memory Care

He’s confused and exhausted. And the hospital lost his glasses, which I don’t have the prescription for to replace.

When he leaves the hospital this time he’ll enter hospice.

It’s been a long year.