Dad and Mom Update

I had to take a day off on Monday to drive over to be with Dad at his GI appointment. He’s lost a tremendous amount of weight, and says he can barely keep food down. He’s also mostly in a wheelchair. Maybe if he could keep nourishment down he’d be able to walk better, who knows?

The NP was not impressed with the care he’s received at the new facility. He had an ultrasound a couple of weeks ago for GI distress. The NP said if she had been the one reading the results she’d have sent him straight to the ER.

He was supposed to have gone to the GI dr Nov 29, but the van didn’t start at the facility so they canceled the appointment. But didn’t call my brother, who had driven 2 hours to the GI dr’s office. My SIL told the facility that for $6,000 a month we expected better. SIL is…blunt.

Today he had a CT scan to delve more deeply into what’s going on.

Mom is always in a wheelchair, but still managed to fall a few days ago. We found out from the hospice nurse, who let us know she has a bruise on her face. Hospice sees Mom 3 days a week.

Apparently this is what $7000/month gets you.

Having the LTC insurance for Dad has been so fortunate.