Mom returned from the hospital to Memory care on a Wednesday, in hospice care. When we went to visit that weekend my brother asked that we take the clothes she would no longer need, so we packed up almost everything. The nurse said just leave a few gowns. She was nonresponsive, and the hospice nurse guessed she had a week.

She got better. The next weekend we brought her clothes back. That was two weeks ago.

We went over yesterday and she recognized my husband and said his name with a happy loving tone, which she hasn’t done in 4 - 5 months. I mentioned a friend of mine from University who’s always having some trouble with something (bless his heart) and she made a funny face.

She doesn’t walk anymore, but she scoots around in a wheelchair very slowly.

Dad wasn’t getting the care he was supposed to be getting, which was help showering and help with his clothes. No wonder he fell. At least this time he wasn’t hurt, he just couldn’t get up on his own. That was remedied and he confirmed yesterday they have been helping him.

We’ll go up next weekend to check on everyone.



That is a surprise I wasn’t expecting to hear. People do leave hospice care but folks also have a time
of more lucidity and interaction before their body slows back down near the end.

May you all have meaningful moments with her and it is good news about your dad getting the help he needs.


I’m both floored and so delighted to hear about your mom’s unexpected responsiveness. Given what you realistically were anticipating, it’s such a gift to have her back in that small but intensely meaningful way. Distressing that your dad wasn’t getting the care you’re paying for—but thank goodness that’s been corrected.


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